Digitory Solutions Pvt Ltd is a research-driven Analytical product company. Our products use cutting-edge data sciences and analytics backed by AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and other advanced technological inventions to address some of the real pressing problems across businesses.

We are a young, talented and action-oriented team of engineers, designers, marketers and business professionals determined to create a niche for developing innovations that touch the heart of businesses.

Our objective is to deliver Analytical Data-driven decision support for the management of our clients in the most innovative and easy to read charts, data grids, and tools for automation. Our Business Insights enables our clients to drive their business without dilemmas or confusions.

Visualized Sales and operational performance metrics delivered right on the mobile of the business users - complete with actionable information + inferences + projections.

This is only possible because of our sophisticated AAI (ActiveArtificialIntelligence). This engine adapts to the business environment perpetually improve its accuracy and speed. Tactical business inputs for high-efficiency operations.

Once the data-driven approach is established, the automation gets the power of analyzed information and reliable predictions. With effective controls and data-driven insights, it can give wings to the business. Less effort and more output.

Our ActiveArtificialIntelligence provides insights + business projections backed with proven management and statistical analysis. We assure our customers' information to plan their operations with the highest achievable reliability. It identifies risks and helps drive the short and long-term growth strategies.

Our products use AdaptiveMachineLearning - a system that learns from the on-going operations and evolves its strategies to analyze and compute. This ensures our clients business systems never get stuck in time and is easy to modify and respond to business changes.

Powerful Dashboard

Here is the data-vision of your business. Analyze your business with razor sharp analytics, Business Insights and Predictions. With the help of our cutting-edge data sciences, our analytical engine gives you a never before possible visibility of your current and future business performance. It gives you clarity in decision making.

  • Visualized key performance metrics
  • Actionable Information
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Business Insights
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Inferences for Projections
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Business with Ease

Sales Quantity and Volume Analysis, Sales Margin, Customer Entry, Comparative Performance, Top Charts, Averages, Category Drilldowns and SBU Level Comparison.

Above are the tools for the business stakeholders to monitor and steer the business to robust growth. Data has the power, visualization gives the clarity. With the power and agility, drive your business with highest efficiency towards a bright future.

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Why Use DigiAna?

Simple, accurate, real time narratives and reports by using sophisticated algorithms to gain insights into business which can be used for planning and identity trends.

Start Easy

Get started in minutes – no lengthy installations or setup.

Always up to date

Cloud deployment and SaaS model means you don’t have to upgrade the system for every version. Get the latest best all the time.

Quick Service

Our support team are always on the stand by to answer questions or resolve any tech issue.

No Upfront Cost

Monthly subscription mode removes the problem of costly license or implementation fees.

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Best Performance

Our systems runs on high performance machines on cloud.

Attractive Visualization

Advanced data visualization tools render attractive charts that narrates the story.

No Maintenance

Our customers need not worry to maintain software on their servers.

User Friendly

Mobile app is very intuitive and can be used from Day 1 without any help or training.




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