About digitory

Digitory, born in 2018, started as analytics solutions for high customer frequency industries like hospitality, retail , salon & Pharma and soon realized there is huge possibility of unlocking the enormous value for everyone through completely Integrated product which not only forecast the demand but facilitate the entire supply chain gambit under one roof.

Our current endeavor is food serving industry which has many fragmented solutions like POS, HORECA catalogues and reference sale, where both Restaurants are wasting lot of time and money to arrange the accurate procurement .Suppliers are depending on traditional way of sales & marketing activities which are mostly futile and biased. We in our endeavor will bring synergy within restaurant activities and will offer legitimate and fair opportunities for vendors to choose right partners. In this two year we transformed from statisticians to integrated solution providers who are out to simplify business in simple 3 steps of forecast , automate & procure.

Now we are 360 degree ecosystem.