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Product Overview

This quote says it all, a single most important value in procurement is  negotiation and power of negotiations come from options. We designed our procurement platform which open the options for you to negotiate and secure the best deals available in market.

Many restaurant is still vulnerable to obsolete way of procuring which results either in stock outs which needs to fire fight and procure fragmented way where they lose economy of scale to aggregate the demand and negotiate or they land up over stocking and waste loads of money.

Digitory procurement platform is designed to leach every single details of operations sales and kitchen to convert them define proprietory dynamic par level , which enable you to procure exactly what you need. Highly customisable interface which ensures your hard earned cash is in right deployment.

You can enable a practical bidding, tracking and contract awarding on Digitory.

Not only this Digitory extend Vendor supports which are largest in the market place so that your quality , consistency and every time lowest price is ensured.