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Best Contactless Dining Software in India

Pandemic has pressed contactless dining as a must have for restaurants, Digitory contactless dining is expanded the horizon beyond hygiene and converted this opportunity to increase productivity through APC , Orders/ticket and repeat and cut the direct labour cost through intuitive design where customers can order at their ease without any hassle for searching calling and ordering to stewards. Digitized menu works like an order taking app and alerts the kitchen in real time, this gives utmost speed to table service.

Digital Menu
NO app required
No payment Gateway integration required
Enhance Guest experience
Reduce Direct labour

Digitise your menu through unique QR codes which can be accessed through phone cameras and start getting orders.

It is web link-based interface which doesn’t require any extra app, just scan the QR code on table and contactless dining application provide details to your floor staff about arrival of guest, after verification guest can directly order from menu, and orders reaches straight to kitchen either KDS or KOT printer.

We print the bill with your UPI code, no third-party payment gateway needs to collect your cash without any delay.

Guests are empowered with an intuitive way of orders and repeat or customize their favorites immediately, so no goose chase for looking for stewards to take orders, and integration with the kitchen makes sure that they will get what they want at an unimaginable speed of service.

Contactless dining eventually makes your stewards efficient and multitaskers, so you need few people to handle rush hours. With features like need assistance and timely alerts they exceed the expectations of your guests.

Digitory’s Contactless Dinning Features


Personal Stewards

Unique Digitory contactless menu design assists guests like virtual steward they can keep modifying their orders till choices of cutlery if needed.


Group Ordering

Large group members can individually order at their choice at their ease, restaurants take care of everyone at the same time without losing any one unattended. It eventually increases ticket size and repeat orders.


Offline Ordering

Digitory contactless dining is hybrid system which can work in tandem with waiters taking table side orders from who prefer to do so. It syncs real time and keeps every kind of order firing in rush hours.


Waiter Verified Orders

Digitory ensures that a legitimate guest is ordering through OTP rendered to floor staff, once OTP is verified, guests can enjoy the speed and experience till bill settles.


Customer Loyalty

Contactless dining captures fine details like valid mobile no., pax and ever order details, which can be used for customer profiling and customizing the loyalty programs


Special Promotions and Highlight

Digital menu is designed to enable chef’s special; Today offers and all such kinds of promotions to motivate customers as you like them to be.

How Contactless Dinning Works

Guest arrival >> Scan QR code> Steward verifies and Share OTP > Start ordering  infographics

Benefits of Contactless Dinning


No App Require


No transaction Charge


Digital Menu


Secure Payment


Intuitive Ordering


Increase Efficiency

What is Contactless Dine in?

It is new way of guests ordering food with ouching physical menu or infrequently interacting with stewards on floor. It has been facilitated through QR code links generally available on tables.

What is Contactless Ordering?

It has been facilitated through QR code links generally available on tables. Guests may scan QR code through mobile camera or scanning app which provides a weblink of digital menu. Digitory allows guests to order from menu directly like e-com sites.

Why do Restaurants need Contactless Orders?

Beyond increasing the hygiene, Digitory contactless helps restaurants to process orders much faster than traditional waiter taking orders. There are many other benefits added as you may digitize all your messages to guests without any manual errors.

What is Contactless Menu?

It is digital menu can be obtained by scanning QR codes.

Do you need to have payment card while making Contactless Payments?

Not required you can pay through UPI link generated in your physical copy of bills.